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Ezine Article SubmissionEzine Article Submission Free Ezine Article Submissions to an Article Directory Using Micro Niche Finder

Generate Web Traffic

Ezine article submissions are used to create web traffic. They can do this either directly or by search engine optimization:

  • People clicking on the links in the resource box bring web traffic directly to a web site.
  • The article propagating across the web creates more links to a web site, increasing its page rank, moving it earlier in the search engine results, and thereby bring more traffic.

What Are Ezine Articles?

Ezine article submissions, as the term is used in search engine optimization (SEO) and article marketing, are submissions of articles to article directories or the articles submitted. People can copy these articles and use them for free, for example in their ezines and blogs, as long as they leave the article intact. The last paragraph in the article is called the resource box. A resource box is permitted to contain links. These links typically lead to the author's web sites, but they are not required to do so.

Article Marketing

An important purpose for an ezine article submission is e-commerce. Article marketing tends to be more directed than simply increasing web site traffic. Its purpose is to bring customers to a pitch page, containing ad copy that asks for a sale, or to a squeeze page, containing ad copy that asks the visitor to sign up for an email list. 

To learn more, go to our Web Affiliate Programs - Article Marketing page.


The foundation of an ezine article submission is keywords. Keywords are used in two ways:

  • Keywords are used to bring readers to the ezine article itself.
  • Keywords are used in the anchor text (the text you click on to follow a link) in the resource box to tell the search engines what the destination page is about. 

To see how to find good keywords for free, go to our Using the Google Keywords Tool page. That page has links to information on how to find how much competition there is for keywords and what fraction of people searching for them are interested in buying something. To see how to automate looking up the information you need, see Using Micro Niche Finder

Automate Article Submission to Hundreds of Article Directories

There are services that will submit variations of your article to hundreds or thousands of article directories. There are several reasons you may want to do this:

  • It gives you more back links spread throughout the web in the directories themselves.
  • It gives your article more opportunities to be picked up by bloggers and ezine publishers, more of a chance to go viral, and hence give you more back links.
  • It allows you to garner more direct traffic from click-throughs.
  • It allows you to use many long tail keywords in your titles, and thereby getting your article to page one of the search engines in a large number of small niches, summing the click through traffic from all those niches.

To see how you go about submitting an article, go to our page, Submit Ezine Articles to Hundreds of Directories.

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Ezine Article SubmissionEzine Article Submission Free Ezine Article Submissions to an Article Directory Using Micro Niche Finder

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